Broad beans useful vegetable  in early summer and a danger for the health which it hides. Broad beans is a legume plant, one of the earliest vegetables. And although it is useful far as green beans and peas, recipes with him are considerably less for such an old food known to humankind since prehistoric times. And you will often encounter a misdemeanor to eat beans, or at least we are extremely cautious. Because it can be lethal for some people. What is this mystery about broad bean?

Broad beans useful vegetable
Broad beans useful vegetable in early summer and a danger for the health which it hides.

Broad beans is one of the oldest cultivated foods known to mankind. Traces of it were found in caves near the villages still 5000 BC. BC. The most widespread in the Mediterranean – Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria. Broad beans has a culinary tradition in Latin America, where he loved fried and salty.

Why broad bean could be dangerous? First warnings about the danger of eating beans come from a distinguished ancient scholar – Pythagoras. He strictly forbade his disciples to eat beans to touch and even plant them vow to not disclose the reason. Broad beans was charged with glory so negative that when you vote in the agora (the ancient Greek town meeting) with beans to beans that matured in kind are black, voted “against” and with the beans mature beans – “for”.

Following centuries of speculation why Pythagoras so strictly forbade broad bean. In 1906 the Austrian pediatrician Pirke first coined the term “allergies”. How and why a food, insect, plant or animal affect an organism worse than another and can even endanger his life. Thus it appears the most common and so far allergies – hay, for example. Until now, it was found that a significant number of people, especially men, after eating beans develop a mysterious illness and die quickly.

So scientists in the mid-20th century made the connection that there might be something in beans that cause a severe reaction. And find it. Missing blood enzyme in some people – glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, impedes blood synthesis and can cause a severe allergic reaction that finds expression in aggressive hemolytic anemia, also called favizam (on behalf of the broad bean from England. Language – fava bean) .

Statistics show that the enzyme missing in more boys than girls lack is transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy if it is consumed beans, inhaled pollen or drank milk of animals fed with beans as feed. From favizam suffer about 100 million people, mostly in the Mediterranean, as the treatment is very difficult and long. Composition and benefits of broad bean. Of all the cereals leguminous broad bean is the smallest area of ​​the surface.

useful vegetable Broad beans
Broad beans useful vegetable and favorite food with very good taste containing valuable vitamins

Prefer her why it earlier than everyone and is one of the first vegetables to cook at all. Broad beans are rich in vegetable proteins, more than peas, lentils and beans mature, but its technology is more labor intensive. One cup of beans per day gives 1/3 of nuzhite iron, and it still can find vitamin B1 and B2, fiber, more zinc and phosphorus.

How to cook beans? Broad beans grow in large pods that are quite difficult to open. When it is very, very fresh, we can cook like beans, but the pods ripen very quickly and beans make a thick skin. Nice bean has a bright green color of the pods, they are hard and pressure until burst. Treatment was not easy: Remove the tip with a knife and press to open the pods.

You will need good press. Beans are larger than regular beans and have a thick skin. In a large saucepan heat the water to boil and pour small quantities of beans. When the beans wrinkle, remove them, wait to cool and remove the skin, which has already released more often. Beans can now be done in three ways: let them dry – as mature beans. Freeze them for winter.

To cook them directly. Caution! When you first try or give your child beans, eat a very small amount and watch for the following signs: fever, headache, tiredness, vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately and tell the nurses that you ate beans.