First time I do brazilian chocolate Brigadeiro cake,

Cake Products

Brigadeiro Cake
Brigadeiro Cake

• 125 g of flour + 1 pack.

Baking powder

• 20 g of cocoa

• 4 eggs

• 150 g of sugar

• 150 g of oil at room temperature

The butter is beaten with the sugar, the eggs are added one by one, and finally – the sifted flour together with the cocoa. Can be prepared with a mixer on low. The mixture is poured into a mold with d=22-24 cm and baked at 180 degrees for 35 minutes until a stick is dry. Once cooled, cut into 2 or 3 slices depending on how thick you want them.

Cake Creams

25 g of sifted cocoa is added to 380 g of condensed milk. Mix with a wire brush until a smooth mixture is obtained. Then add 30 g of cow’s butter at room temperature so that the cream does not separate later. Then add 200 grams of pastry cream and stir the mixture well. Then all this is put on the stove to combine all the ingredients so far.

Replace the stirrer with a spatula, preferably in a thick-bottomed container. Let the mixture boil (boil) for 5 minutes. Immediately after that, add 100 g of chocolate with 50%-70% cocoa in it and remove the metal container from the heat. Let all this cool down at room temperature and then add 500g of mascarpone cream. Since the mixture is quite thick, stir it with a metal spoon.

Brazilian Chocolate Brigadeiro Cake
Brazilian Chocolate Brigadeiro Cake

Then, for 20 seconds, this mixture is whipped with a mixer at high speed. Do not over beat because the mascarpone will start to cross. White butter cream 350 ml of pastry cream immediately taken out of the refrigerator, add 250 g of mascarpone cream, also well cooled.

Then add 300 g of melted Hochland cream cheese or similar, 2 packets of vanilla sugar (16 g) and 70 g of powdered sugar. Attention, all these products for the white cream must be very cold so that the consistency can be thick. Assembling the Brigadeiro Cake.

After the marshmallows are cut into equal thickness, they are lightly syruped with fresh milk and coffee/cocoa according to taste. Immediately after that, the bottom layer is spread with a thin layer of white cream. A good option is to put the two creams (brown and white) in pouches, for better application to the marshmallows, since we want to get a checkerboard effect when the pieces are cut.

I have made many cakes in my life and the Brigadeiro Brazilian Chocolate Cake is my favorite. It is number 40 because I have made so many different cakes and I have original recipes for them.