Brain of a dreamers
Brain of a dreamers is different from other people

According to scientists from Columbia University, the work of the brain of adreamer is much better when we dream. Brain in solving complex problems is especially active and it helps a lot reverie in this direction remind specialists.Years ago it was thought that people who dream of being lazy and distracted, but neuroscientists have otherwise.They believe that dreams help the brain to work better and so the operation helps to rapidly solve complex tasks than if we focus in dealing with one or another problem.

How does it workbrain of adreamers

CT is very helpful to establish that dreams are unconscious state of mind, distracting us from more serious problems and immediate tasks. They help the brain to improve “cognitive.” Old understood that dreams are elementary mental activities that are activated in the prefrontal cortex, areas around the crown and temples, and the back cover. It turns out that reverie is a complicated process that involved other parts of our brain.

Brain of a dreamers work very well
Dreaming is good for the brain

Dreaming is good for the brain

In fact, it appears that at visionaries work and the two halves of the brain in parallel.

Therefore, such people not only “float in the clouds” and seek better solutions vital to us. According to a parallel study, most people dream about

concrete things rather than abstract ones. For example, when the brain is not engaged in any particular task at the moment, he starts to think of something to come or to be done, according to scientists at Harvard University.

In other words, thoughts wander and move from one thought to another smoothly and easily.

It is necessary to be able to our brain is immediately ready to respond to the next test.

Of course there is a chance that sometimes dreams can occur spontaneously for no apparent reason and they may not be so useful, the authors of the study.