Bodybuilding and diet
Body building and diet regimen of training and appropriate foods to increase muscle mass

Bodybuilding and diet for most people who play sports want to have faster results. I personally have spent a lot of time in search of adequate exercise, nutritional supplements and each – experiment on himself. I do not claim that I am a fitness Guro, in this article I share the foods that work for me. When you combine workouts in conjunction with such food – apparently the results are better. My muscles grow faster and have more energy for workouts.

These are two effects that seek their diet. Each judged for yourself whether they will seek to improve performance through chemistry or natural products. I pay attention to the latter. Before the workout. Spirulina, spirulina20-30 minutes before the workout fresh fruit with spirulina. When spirulina drink before a workout like I put enriched fuel in the car. I can do 1-2 reps push-ups in the series as more than if I did not file before. Of course miracles can not be found in any supplement, but the energy it provides is obvious.

Extremely rich in B12, which, moreover, is absorbed to a much greater extent by the body, compared with artificial additives supplemented with B12 – many of them are degraded by the acidity of the stomach before they are absorbed. I.e., B12 in Spirulina has a high absorbability than that in the artificial additives. Since I happened to abandon training and then time to start from scratch, I have observations and statistics for sports results from scratch – and when I take spirulina actively Muscat me grow noticeably faster.

This is due to the fact that spirulina consists of about 65-70% protein. I take it into powder, not on tablets as comes out cheaper than pills, and purely psychological prefer to take as a fertilizer in the diet, not a pill. Spirulina is not very pleasant taste – of this and many people prefer it in the version of the pill. For me personally – and it tastes quite harmless if dissolved in fresh (best citrus). A spoon in half a cup of juice. Here now everyone can try for yourself, who is his option taking spirulina.

But energy values ​​FRESH before training also should not be underestimated. Muesli with whose, goji berries and flaxseed. Several hours before the workout eat muesli with whose core, goji berries and flaxseed. If you train for lunch – this is usually breakfast. They have high power density, which is held “liquidity” for a long time. Whose heard about past achievements of the tribe Tarahumara people in marathons. Their tribe boasts that it can not escape 40 kilometers a day without a problem.

Bodybuilding for women
Bodybuilding and diet for most people who play sports want to have faster results

Much of the credit for their endurance to give ences. This is due to the gelling properties and in the stomach, which supports carbohydrate longer in standby mode, and ensure the maintenance of a higher level of moisturizing the body. Besides energy qualities – contribute to the recovery and growth of muscle tissue and relieve the effects of muscle strain. This is due to high levels of protein and amino acids. Two tablespoons whose supply about 5 grams of protein. Goji berries – except bezboynite healthy qualities with which these fruits are known on the web, they give a lot of energy, helping to lift the tone for fatigue. Have a positive impact in combating cellulite and contribute to better metabolism.

For even greater efficiency, muesli can be added to ground sesame and linseed (unless muesli, they can be added to many other foods that you consume after a workout. (If sesame and flax seeds are not ground / chopped just pass through the body without being absorbed due to its shell). Flaxseed promotes faster muscle recovery after training. it is well known that meat is high in protein. Classics in nutrition after exercise is chicken steak, which theoretically contains about 60 g protein. less known is that only 20% of these proteins used by the body – that of a chicken steak absorbed about 12 grams efficiently. In 100 grams of hemp seed has about 30-35% protein, they are absorbed 100% of the body.

In three tablespoons of hemp seed contains 10 grams of protein. The taste is quite pleasant and neutral, I have not gotten a dish that does not fit. You can drink a milkshake (peeled hemp seeds Strain water) in muesli, be added to the already prepared dishes, peeled hemp seeds can simply be sprinkled on any dish. I do not look at hemp seed as opposed to meat. In my opinion, the two can be combined successfully to enhance the results. In 100 g quinoa contains about 15 g. Protein. There is a pleasant neutral flavor.

Prepare pretty quickly – boiled for a few minutes – when the seed dissolve – so it’s ready. It is the plants where it is nice to change a water once a boil and then left at a slow fire, in order not to destroy nutrients (the other quinoa does not need high temperatures to cracked – if just soaked in hot water for half – an hour will get the same effect as to boil on high heat, but the nutrients are preserved to 50% more). It can be combined with vegetables or to prepare the principle of rice or as a side dish to meat products very well make sense as an ingredient to any salad.