Benefits of plums , a great fruit in the summer. Prunes are rich in minerals, vitamins and other important substances for the body. One hundred grams of plums contain 30 calories, which makes them suitable for people who want to lose weight. Plums are rich in protein, carbohydrates, nutrients, organic acids, copper, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, zinc, iodine and many vitamins – A, B1, B2, B6, PP, C and E. Plums contain a lot substances that lower blood pressure and strengthen blood vessels. They are one of the most delicious and juicy fruits. They can be confidently measured with melons, watermelons, grapes.

Benefits of plums
Benefits of plums

Fresh plums, as well as prune juice and compote have a mild laxative effect and are recommended for lazy intestines and constipation. Plums help get rid of bad cholesterol from the body. Prunes are recommended for hypertension and kidney problems. Plums contain potassium compounds, which have a diuretic effect and help get rid of excess water and salts. The beneficial properties of plums are activated in metabolic diseases. Potassium, which is contained in plums, helps our muscles and heart to work better.

Prunes are recommended to increase the secretion of gastric juice and to increase appetite. Delicious blueberries are also very useful in atherosclerosis. Prunes contain coumarins – substances that have the ability to protect blood vessels from blood clots. Coumarins also help treat thrombosis and have a vasodilating effect. Plums are easily absorbed by the body, these fruits help to form blood cells, cleanse the stomach and are indispensable in diseases of the bile. Plums strengthen the liver, help purify the blood and expel toxins from the body. Prunes help reduce the temperature.

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Benefits of plums, a great fruit in the summer

Plums are not recommended for diabetes, gout and rheumatism. These fruits can be given to young children, but in moderation, as they can cause stomach pain and upset stomach. Plums have energizing properties, drive away fatigue and stress, but are also an addition to improving bowel function. That’s why you should eat plums more often. The most important benefits of plums

Plums are useful in iron deficiency anemia

Plums contain small amounts of assimilable organic iron and regular consumption of plums helps to easily absorb iron from other foods. For the absorption of iron, drugs are recommended for a month, with at least 300 g of plums a day before the main meal.

Plums stimulate memory

Daily consumption of plums, at least three plums a day, helps eliminate damaged cells that affect concentration and attention. Due to their rich content of antioxidants, plums are a natural helper to improve memory. Eating plums prevents heart disease.
Because they are low in fat and do not contain saturated fat, plums do not pose a risk to the heart. Eating plums does not raise cholesterol and automatically reduces the risk of heart attack. Plums are rich in vitamin C. Plums are a rich source of vitamin C, each fruit contains about 7% of the recommended daily intake.
Improve vision
As a rich source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, plums help improve vision and can prevent macular degeneration.
They protect the intestinal tract
Benefits of plums – a series of useful compounds of plums help regulate the digestive system and thus improve diseases of the intestinal tract.
Useful in bone diseases
Plums contain 8% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A and this helps in bone recovery and growth. Regular consumption of plums gives you the source of energy you need to recover faster from a stroke or accident.

Diet with plums
Diet with plums

Plums are recommended for the prevention of cancerous tumors. Due to the high content of malic acid, but also the low content of citric acid, plums have intense anti-tumor properties and are the most recommended fruit for cancer prevention. As it turned out, eating plums has many benefits. If they are not your favorite, or you just do not know how to introduce them more intensively in your menu, you should know that plums are great for recipes such as – Fruit cake with plums;

Diet with plums

As already mentioned, prunes have a laxative effect. They are also present in many diets for fast weight loss. We will now introduce you. The diet with plums is recommended for those who want to enjoy the taste and benefits of these seasonal fruits. The fast three-day diet is preferred by people who do not want to follow a long-term diet, but want to lose weight.
Breakfast: Coffee, 1 rusk, 50 g cheese, 3 prunes
Lunch: 150 g roasted turkey, 4 prunes
Afternoon snack: 3 prunes
Dinner: Omelet of 2 egg whites and 3 prunes.
This menu is repeated on all three days. If you feel unwell during the diet, stop it. Also remember that the heavier you are, the more you will lose in 3 days. But everyone is different.
The following is recommended for a fast diet:
– Avoid eating processed foods high in fat, sauces and – spices that import low calories foods;
– Eat more fruits and vegetables;
– Eat only lean meat or lean fish;
– Eat low-fat dairy products;
Try to eat carbs on a main meal only during the day, not at night;
– The recommended oil for one day is two tablespoons;
– It is very important to drink 1, 5 to 2 liters of water a day to achieve the right level of hydration and this helps us get rid of toxins.