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Benefits of palm sugar is a type of palm tree typical of Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, China and other countries with similar climates. The leaves of the palm tree are green, sharp, radially outward. Thanks to their location leaf strand is characterized by an almost circular shape. The leaf stalks they are jagged. Young plants initially develop relatively slowly, then rapidly increasing.

Cooking with palm sugar
Benefits of palm sugar have rich nutritional composition. They are a source of minerals present potassium, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus, and contain important vitamins

The sugar palm is widely appreciated in India because of the juice that is extracted from it. Rumor has it that he is so delicious, aromatic and seductive that no other drink throughout the country to compete with him. According to local liquid is very heady and seemed to enchant those who drink it. The fruits of palm sugar are rounded, reaching a diameter of 20 centimeters. When mature, they acquire the eggplant color, but in places remain yellow.

In order to be consumed, the fruit must be cut in its upper part, and then the surface layer be removed with the help of a knife. After cleaning the inside of the upper layer are found whitish seeds that have jelly structure and flavor, which is carried by them associate with the scent of fruit like melon, pineapple and quince. If the fruit is ripe, it can be consumed and its outer layer. Residents of Bengal widely use these fruits in cooking, investing them in various sweets.

Cooking with palm sugar

The fresh seeds of the sugar palm tree is also used for food purposes. They have a structure reminiscent of jelly and are very pleasant to taste. They may be eating raw or be subjected to baking or boiling. Meal of mashed them during the hot months acting cooling and energizing.

The seeds of the tree are considered a delicacy in India and other Asian countries. In the summer they offer the local market, but only briefly. They are made juices, nectars, smoothies and other beverages. Also serve to make nutritious cereals, jellies, jams. They are used in fruit salads, creams and ice creams by mixing with other exotic fruits such as papaya, mango and pineapple. The outer layer of the fruit, which are generally white, also can be eaten when ripe. It is also subject to baking and cooking. Palm shoots even be used for extraction of juice. They are cut and fluid flow from them is collected using special hanging pots.

Benefits of palm sugar
The fresh seeds of the sugar palm tree is also used for food purposes

Collected in the early hours of the morning juice is refreshing, sweet and gentle. It called Thaati Kallu. If you fit the evening is called Tadi. This fluid is relatively more acidic than Thaati Kallu. Fermented juice Tadi is consumed by some residents of the state Mahara as alcoholic drink. Young clusters of tree it could be obtained liquid called Toddy. Toddy is subjected to fermentation and thus to give drink called Arrack. The liquid also can be obtained raw sugar called jaggery or Taal Patali among Bengalis. In Indonesia it is called Javanese sugar. This sugar is used widely in cooking on the island of Java.

Different parts of the sugar palm are used with various purposes. For example, the leaves of the plant can weave baskets, mats and other bedding. Of these make roofs and sunshades, as well as hats and writing materials. In Indonesia, palm fronds were used as paper from representatives of ancient cultures. This kind of paper they called lontar.
Parts of the tree are fences were made, and also have produced fibers used for cordage and brushes. The sturdy and reliable wood is much appreciated in construction. In places it is making and craft.
As the fruits of palm sugar are very nutritious if these plants start to grow on farms that could help solve the global problem of malnutrition. Therefore the importance of Borassus flabellifer plant was not to be underestimated.
The health benefits of this plant are not well studied yet. For now know that because of its rich composition consumption of fruit sugar palm strengthens immunity. They are recommended for people who are tired quickly and have a bad tone. It is also evident that the pulp of the fruits used for the treatment of dermatitis and other skin problems.