Benefits of noni juice
Benefits of noni juice , strengthens immunity, regulates cell function helps to better memory, increases sexuality and improves sleep

Benefits of noni juice – exotic offer immunity and good tone. Continuous read about the many beneficial properties of almost all fruits. And explore more exotic, such as Noni. Fruit, too unknown and yet remarkably useful. It turns out that more than 2000 years the juice of it is really applied successfully in the treatment of countless diseases. Hawaiian healers considered him their most sacred herb. It has been shown that in this fruit is scopoletin substance, which has the best ability to bind to serotonin. Do you need a good mood? And an efficient immune booster? Now in the dark, winter days – certainly. Noni (Morinda citrifolia) comes from a distant Polynesia, Tahiti and Hawaii.

Widespread is the Caribbean island and Fuji. It represents exotic tree loving shady forests and sandy, clean soil and reaching maturity relatively quickly – about a year and a half. Then he begins to bear fruit every month throughout the year. Fruits are bitter and not particularly pleasant aroma, but are extremely useful and unique. Noni is also known by the name of Indian mulberry, because the appearance of the fruit resembles those of Mulberry, with the difference that the noni fruit was much larger – generally somewhere between a fig and a small potato. For hundreds of years, the juice of this fruit has been used to treat a variety of diseases such as headache, cold and inflammation, diabetes, joint problems, abdominal pain, hypertension.

Noni may alleviate up to 75% pain. In its composition were found over 20 phytochemical (so not in any other plant), 18 amino acids, vitamins and five three mineral. The most important substances responsible for the “magic” effect of noni: damnakantal – substance, not allowing the cells and tissues degenerate. Contribute to the formation of so-called T and B cells (whose main function is to recognize and destroy “foreign” antigens) and the formation of a maximum level of lymphocytes and phagocytes in the body.

Kseronin – known for improving immune function and its antidepressant and pain inhibitory action. prokseronin – a substance used to promote the regeneration of cells, strengthen the immune system and improve metabolism. scopoletin – supporting the functioning of the pineal gland and increasing the levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body. Research does show that this substance may lowers high blood pressure. One of the names invariably associated with noni is Dr. Neil Solomon – a renowned specialist in medical nutrition and medicinal substances. He has set aside ten years of his life studying the health benefits of noni. In four books he published numerous prophylactic and therapeutic applications of this plant. His research suggests that over 78 percent of people taking noni, reported beneficial action. So let’s see what form it.

Healthy properties of noni fruit
Benefits of noni juice – exotic offer immunity and good tone. Continuous read about the many beneficial properties of almost all fruits.

Noni juice strengthens the immune system and increases the overall tone of the body, regulates the functions of cells and improves muscle tone, clears the mind and promotes good memory, fights aging at the cellular level, stops headaches, helps with colds, coughs and bronchitis, helps better mood and sleep quality – thanks to serotonin and melatonin, lowers high blood pressure and protect the cardiovascular system, relieves pain – from eastern healers and Hawaiian shamans to modern physicians are all of the opinion that noni can soothe pain .

How is this achieved? There are different theories, but the most famous claims that the weakening of pain is guilty kseroninat reduces menstrual cramps and increases sexuality, prevents digestive disorders trakt- anthraquinones (known as laxatives substances) and contained in this fruit, whole activated, digestive process by increasing the secretion of enzymes and helps in diabetes type 1 and 2, heal arthritis, joint pain and kidney pain. They call it the juice of longevity and natural medicine – a miracle. Why not try it and you? Even if you do not treat a specific disease, Noni juice is perfect for winter days immunostimulant. Not particularly pleasant news is that you can buy it at a relatively high price, at least here in Bulgaria.

But health is always worth it to spend money, right? Better news is taking him with any drugs. The only condition is to take medicines becomes 15-20 minutes after drinking the juice. Contraindications here are redundant, only pregnant women and nursing mothers must first consult with the attending physician. Important to have regular intake and follow the indicated dose. Patients taking noni without much success, usually lack the necessary duration of intake and the amount is much less.