When we talk about the benefits of consuming Goji Berry, we mean the nutritional qualities. When it comes to super foods, Goji Berry is what we think of right away. This fruit is called the red diamond of Asia not only because of its color, but also because of its incredible nutritional and healing properties.

We can safely say that they are the elixir of eternal youth. The priceless red diamonds of youth are an Asian plant that is known as lychee and was highly valued in ancient China. Goji berry fruit has a sweet taste. The fruits grown in the Himalayas, from Tibet, are of the highest quality. For a long time, this fruit has been an industry in China because of the healing benefits of consuming Goji berry.

What does the Goji berry fruit contain

Goji berry is full of bioactive polysaccharides, and they support the body’s energy systems. Goji berry is extremely rich in nutrients. Fruits contain 22 minerals, 18 amino acids, 6 essential vitamins, 5 types of unsaturated fatty acids, 5 types of carotenoids. Goji berry is good for eyesight, protects the liver and kidneys, strengthens the immune system. The fruit is a miracle. It works well for growth hormone and slows down aging, so it is claimed that the longevity of people in the Himalayas is due precisely to the benefits of consuming Goji berry.

Relieves headaches, works well for insomnia, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol. Selection and storage of Blackberry fresh and uninjured fruits are most preferred. They give the most to the body. However, due to the fact that the fruit is very sought after and the outer skin is very tender, it is very volatile and it is difficult to find a preserved fruit in its unprocessed state. In the commercial network, these fruits can be found packaged in transparent packaging. Available in dried form.

How is Goji berry consumed

Consumption takes place after heat treatment (for disinfection). It can be brewed like tea. It is very preferred with muesli, oatmeal or if mixed with yogurt. It must be scalded beforehand. It can also be added to cakes and desserts along with spices. In gastritis it is good to consume alone, but after scalding.

To lower blood sugar or lower cholesterol, the fruits are watered, boiled and water is drunk. 10-20 grams per day, taken 3 times, are recommended. Once caught, benefits of cranberry is an unpretentious plant, grows in all stressful conditions. It will grow in the shade, but if it is in a sunny place, it bears more fruit. Goji berry is believed to have been mined for over 600 years in Ninxia, ​​near the fertile lands of the Yellow River.

It is here that the best quality lychees in all of China grow, which is why they are called “red diamonds”. To this day, traditional Chinese healers use the fruits of this region for healing purposes. In the area of ​​the Yellow River lychee is deeply rooted in the tradition and culture of the locals. Even lavish festivals are organized annually in honor of the miracle fruits.