Benefits of artichoke juice, a bitter vegetable, very useful for maintaining good health, and also quite tasty if you prepare it correctly. Artichoke juice, on the other hand, cannot be described as tasty. However, its benefits are in many directions and they are due to its chemical and nutritional composition.

What does artichoke juice contain

– Fiber, having both soluble and insoluble fibers. Fibers facilitate passage through the intestinal tract and protect the digestive system;

Benefits of artichoke juice
Benefits of artichoke juice

– Vitamins – the fruit consists mainly of vitamins A and C. These two vitamins are strong antioxidants in the body.

– Vitamin A has a major role in tissue development. It renews and balances them. It plays an important role in the immune system and eye function. Vitamin C is known to protect the body from tumors and premature aging, giving the body energy. Protects the immune system from bacterial attacks and any aggressions.

– Inulin – this is a simple sugar, a polyphenol, which is found in the large intestine and is not digested by the enzymes in the intestine. It is transformed by the intestinal flora, resulting in the release of hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane.

– Cynarin – this polyphenol affects the biliary function of the body.

– Potassium salts – plays a role in muscle activity.

– Antioxidants – artichoke contains several antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, rutin, quercetin. Artichoke juice is rich in antioxidants, similar to dark chocolate and blueberries.

Benefits of artichoke juice

Artichoke tea
Artichoke tea

Artichoke has cleansing properties. This herb stimulates the liver.

– The functions of the liver and bile are so important that poor functioning of the liver leads to a number of other health problems, such as bad breath and body odor, hypertension, risk of cancer;

– Artichokes contain inulin. The consumption of jerusalem artichoke juice during the diet saves energy for the body; – This juice is also rich in fiber, which keeps you feeling full for a long time;

– Artichoke is a diuretic that helps remove toxins from the body. It also has fewer calories and less fat; – Against coronary heart disease – the potassium in the artichoke is involved in the balance and stability of the heart rate. The artichoke is one of the vegetables with a high content of antioxidants, therefore the juice from the plant protects the body in general and the cardiovascular system in particular.