herb Plantain
Plantain way of tea interesting information

Beneficial effect of Plantain is known in the past for many diseases for which you have never suspected that can be treated.  Plantain: herb against inflammation, acne, sore throat, detoxification. Plantain – against inflammation, acne, sore throat.

Plantain is used in folk medicine. Plantain – stormy or herb? Plantain is healing, laxative, antimicrobial action and is used extensively in folk medicine. Plantain is a herbaceous plant, quite widespread. Can be seen in the meadows, gardens in front of the building, in lawns.

There are about 260 species, but in Bulgaria are found only around 15. The most common are angustifolius, deciduous and Indian. Plantain blooms until late summer when the leaves are fully developed, then collected after the lifting of dew.

Dried in the shade in well-ventilated areas. Only the leaves, both in fresh and in the dried state. Plantain leaves contain vitamin C, A and K contains many polysaccharides, fiber and tannins.

Plantain inflammatory and astringent action


It is also used to treat airway inflammation in digestive disorders. Plantain has anti-inflammatory and astringent effect and is used in many skin diseases and acne. It can be taken as a means of weight loss can make low-calorie meals or to help peristalsis.

Since ancient times known a lot of healing properties of plantain. Already in XIIv. In China herbalists have sold it as a valuable commodity. Used in medicine, to do different settings, tinctures, teas, creams. In folk medicine is also used a lot.

Use fresh leaves as compresses the juice from them. Of dried leaves make teas or infusions. The seeds are also very useful. They are used in diabetes, cough, infertility.

Gargle with Arcola decoction or plantain juice strengthens the gums, soothes toothache, sore throat. In mosquito bites bruised leaves and smeared place. Plantain extract toxins from the body.

In addition to everything listed here plantain is a plant that has another almost unknown effects on biological balance. It grows in poor, rocky soils in forest trails and roads to construction sites where nature is trying to restore the soil.