Miraculous: Beer yeast  purification healthy hair and slender figure.

Brewers Yeast is used in the service of beauty
Useful properties of beer yeast for toning effect

Beer yeast  for beautiful skin and slim figure.Brewer’s yeast clean skin and body from toxins, tones and helps slim figure. Brewer’s yeast is recommended for all ages, as it protects the liver, eyes, skin, helps the disappearance of acne, removes fatigue, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, prevents nausea, relieves digestive problems and stimulate weight loss.Best eat dry yeast with a little water during the meal because the body so he was fully utilized.

The daily dose of beer yeast should be between six and ten grams divided into three equal parts. Brewer’s yeast contains mainly sugars complicated and is suitable for use by people with diabetes. Yeast is an excellent tool for the regulation of cholesterol. It is a natural antibiotic that controls bacteria which could be harmful to the organism.

Beer yeast also has anti-cancer activity
Recipe slices with beer yeast paste, lentils and parsley

Brewer’s yeast is used in the service of beauty, especially the beauty of the skin. Helps against acne, sores and skin infections. Strengthens teeth, nails and hair.

Also has anti-cancer activity.

Eat beer yeast health. Recipe slices with beer yeast paste, lentils and parsley.
Boil the lentils mixed with beer yeast, salt, pepper, parsley and spread on whole grain toast.

Toning mask with beer yeast

Quickly restore the freshness of your skin with a mixture of 1 cucumber, 2 tablespoons yogurt 4 tablespoons beer yeast. Blend these ingredients well and apply the resulting mess on her face. Stay mask about 30 minutes, then remove it gently with a towel.Smoothing mask with brewer’s yeast silky skin. To make the skin soft as silk, it is necessary to mix 4 tablespoons beer yeast with lemon juice. The resulting mixture should be like a thick paste. Apply the mask on the face for 30-ish Muni, then rinse with lukewarm water.