Basil spice of youth is widely used in our country – it is well known in folk medicine and the best cooking. In India, Ocimum sanctum is the basil that is considered sacred and has many legends. In addition to all the well-known qualities, a new discovery indicates that this aromatic herb is also a powerful antioxidant.

Basil spice of youth
Basil spice of youth

According to an Indian study, basil can help the body fight the aging process. The results of the study in question are presented in Manchester. The authors of the study found that basil extract helps and protects against the action of free harmful radicals, and they are closely related to the aging process, scientists say.

What is basil used for

Basil is best known for the following beneficial properties – strengthens the immune system, significantly reduces stress levels in the body, increases endurance. In addition, the aromatic herb lowers blood sugar and protects against gastritis. Basil is often used to treat gums and teeth, colds, wounds that heal hard and slowly, it is also suitable for relieving skin rashes, swelling, sore throat.

Basil spice
Basil spice of youth, very fragrant suitable for both cooking and medicine

Basil infusion soothes stomach problems. It contains a large amount of essential oil of basil – hence the very rich and specific aroma. In our country, basil is often used not only to treat ailments, but also as a spice – it is suitable for flavoring meat and lean dishes. Just a pinch of the spice is enough to give the necessary flavor to the dishes.

What is basil good for

According to American and Japanese scientists, rosemary can also be useful in slowing down the aging process. Experts say that this spice has a beneficial effect on brain function. Scientists believe that rosemary protects the brain from toxic compounds, and also protects against premature aging.

The reason is the large amount of carnosic acid, which contains rosemary. This finding is especially useful for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, experts add. To make sure you include enough basil in your menu, eat basil salads often, as well as any basil recipes.