Bad combinations during dividual nutrition

dividual nutrition

Bad combination at dividual nutrition that must be avoided if you follow this diet

Bad combinations during dividual nutrition, it is important to keep this diet. Separate feeding, besides helping to overthrow the overweight, its main objective is to improve our digestion. Separate feeding helps us to facilitate and full absorption of beneficial nutrients.

The principle on which is built separate nutrition is dividing food into five major groups of nutrients. These are proteins, fats, sugars, starches and acids. It is important that if you follow this diet to avoid mixing of the main groups. In the gallery above you can find out which are the worst combinations of foods at separate meals.

1. Protein and starch. This is perhaps the most common combination in the regime because people find it difficult to change their eating habits. The most frequent examples of the blending of the two groups are: meatballs with fried potatoes, chicken with rice, bread or bread with cheese, etc. After these combinations feels heaviness in the stomach, indigestion and disrupting the acid balance in the body;

separate dining

It is very important for good digestion of healthy stomach and healthy intestines

2. Starch and sugars. Also one of the most common combinations. And here the examples are quite like greased toast with jam or honey, waffles, cakes and pastries, donuts, etc. Here comes the problem rather than the sugars are broken down quickly by the body, while the starch – much more slowly.

Simultaneous reception sugars can stay longer in the stomach and thus to ferment. This is the cause of swelling of the intestines and feeling of heaviness in the stomach;

3. Starch and acids. This combination leads to digestive problems. Eating both bread with tomatoes, potatoes, pickles or pickled cucumbers and more. Also included are carbonated drinks such as cola, beer, fruit juice;

Bad combinations at dividual nutrition

Bad combination at dividual nutrition, it is important to keep this diet

4. Proteins and acids. Examples here are meat or sausage with sauerkraut, stuffed vine leaves, marinated fish, etc. The problem here comes from the fact that the combination prevents the breakdown of proteins. Their residues are retained in the stomach for longer, and begin to decompose;

5. Fats and sugars. Also unfavorable combination for proper digestion. The products which contain fats do not contain sugar, and vice versa. Here, as examples we can give nuts with fruit, chocolate, cheese with jam;
6. Proteins and sugars. This combination is rare. Fish, fruit or meat with fruit, it must be noted that it is a sweet fruit.






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