people who eat lots of fiber
people who eat lots of fiber have a 30 percent lower risk

The best way to lower cholesterol is dietary fiber. They prevent its absorption in the intestine. Why are people afraid of bad cholesterol? It is almost like you are afraid of water. Holesterlat actually present in every living cell. Involved in the metabolic processes of exchange of materials is an integral part of the cell membrane and serves for the production of many hormones and vitamins. But when you have too much cholesterol, a person’s health endangering. Medicines to lower cholesterol should be taken only if your doctor prescribe them.

How to beatbad cholesterolfor a healthyheart?

But if you are still relatively healthy, ie have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, think about this: many people solve problems with tablets, but excessive use of tablets in itself a problem. How to win the battle against bad cholesterol for a healthy heart?Moreover, this method does not solve the cause of the problem, namely poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, the threat of high blood pressure and diabetes. We must not ignore the threat of tablets themselves often statins that may affect badly the liver. Studies of the statins have been shown to cause a greater risk of liver disease, acute renal failure, cognitive impairment. So try some of the most successful methods to combat bad cholesterol – oats, apples, prunes. The best tool for lowering cholesterol are dietary fibers.

They prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.One study showed that people who eat lots of fiber have a 30 percent lower risk of heart disease than those who avoid fiber. There is another bonus – a diet rich in fiber contributes to a rapid loss of weight, as long feel satiety. Nuts, apples, barley and prunes have a special place in the diet. Try to eat at least 7 grams of fiber per meal. Plan to exercise at high bad cholesterol levels. While any exercise is good for health, some exercises are particularly useful for increasing good cholesterol.

Doctors recommend limiting cholesterol
The best way to lower cholesterol is dietary fiber

The longer continue aerobic workouts, the results are better. The intensity is not as important. The combination of aerobic movements and strength training can lose weight and can improve cholesterol levels. Try with a weekly program that includes two or three days fast walking, running or cycling with resistance training three days.If you have not exercise, increase the pace gradually. If you lose a few pounds, cholesterol will immediately improve. Look around and reduce stress. Stress increases the level of cholesterol – that’s why you need to bring order to the chaotic pace of life. If the circumstances can not be changed, learn to ignore them.

Stop smoking and excess alcohol. Smoking and the use of much alcohol increases the amount of free radicals. What does this cholesterol? Free radicals are highly oxidative molecules that are able to oxidize bad cholesterol, which is the first step towards the formation of arteriosclerotic deposits in the walls of arteries. Vitamins C, E and A are important antioxidants which reduce the formation and action of free radicals, so that they reduce and oxidize bad cholesterol.