The best Bacon sandwich
Bacon sandwich cure a hangover, increases metabolism and the formation of amino acids sandwich with bacon assist in the recovery of the body

Bacon sandwich cure a hangover interesting study in that case. Famed found that if you want to deal with a hangover after a heavy night, you can eat a sandwich with bacon.

The sandwich speeds up the metabolism and helps the body to cope after drinking alcohol. Elin Roberts of the University of Newcastle says it is important to consume adequate food after binge, and must avoid products that can exacerbate the unpleasant effects of hangovers.

Bread is among the products with the highest content of carbohydrates and bacon is full of proteins that trigger the formation of amino acids, which the body needs after overindulgence in alcoholic beverages.

Bacon sandwich is the best cure a hangover

Dr. Roberts said that after the consumption of large quantities of alcohol the body needs amino acids in order to feel well again.

According to research anyone to eat a sandwich with bacon assist refund hangover and even if you smell bacon will experience relief after a stormy night. Amino acids reduce sugars in the body that have accumulated in the use of alcohol. Fat in bacon also have a helper in reducing sugar.

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Bacon sandwich is the best cure a hangover

Your body urgently needs fat and even people who are on a diet, they should consume in the morning, if overdone alcoholic beverages the night before, experts say before the Daily Telegraph.

Even the smell of bacon can affect you refreshing. Simply put several pieces in a pan and smell their fragrance.

Foremost among the best food hangover and take eggs and can eat them fried or boiled. Glass of orange juice will also act well.

In no event should not be reaching for coffee if the night you drank more. Also avoid spicy and sugary foods because they will further irritate your stomach.