Are Meal Replacement Shakes Safe For Young People? As a rule, a regular weight loss supplement is designed to satisfy the needs of an adult person. However, there is no age restriction and some youngsters begin to use such products for own needs.

Besides, the intake of nutritional additives can be a way to meet a recommended dietary allowance for a vital element for growing bodies namely the protein. Nevertheless, some studies and diet experts advise teen users to restrict from using versatile types of additives within a daily ration. Are these recommendations groundless or true? Let’s try to find out in the following article.

Too Much Protein Consumption

According to relevant authorities, the established RDA for an adult person equals 0.8g per one kg of body mass. Standard values for women and men amount to 46g and 56g respectively. If we look at values recommended for teenagers, the odds are not large. Moreover, teenage girls should consume the same amount of this essential nutrient as adult women.

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Are Meal Replacement Shakes Safe For Young People

Boys need a bit less – 52g only. However, experience shows that a regular diet delivers this element in abundance. As a rule, meal replacements are designed to replenish the lack of certain nutrients when following a diet. However, if there is nothing to replenish, the use of excess protein can result in negative consequences for teenage users. These include the increase of overweight, loss of calcium, dehydration, and even a kidney stress.

Hazardous Components

This point is topical for both young people and any other category of users opting for diet supplements. Unfortunately, some manufacturers strive to cheapen their merchandise at the expense of unnatural ingredients. Versatile artificial sweeteners and miscellaneous synthetic components can bear a huge risk for the health.

Besides, the negative effect of such hazardous elements is shown to a greater extent for young organisms. As a result, a young person may face various health issues, as well as other adverse reactions like fatigue and muscle pain. Moreover, even a lethal outcome cannot be excluded.

Is Everything So Bad?

Fortunately, the probability of using MR drinks by young people is not so terrible. In fact, a rather qualitative product may be useful if all precautions are met. First of all, the usefulness of supplements is observed for teens suffering from underweight. Obviously, a cheap and unreliable merchandise is not a fit. However, if a choice is made for a decent product, the young user will benefit from the set of vital ingredients and other required nutrients. The best way to avoid any possible concerns is to consult a diet expert regarding the chosen supplement.

DIY Shakes

If the idea of using an MR drink has nested in your head, consider the option of taking a homemade additive. This solution enables to control the rate of nutrients supplied to the organism and avoid any abuse. Besides, such approach guarantees the absence of dangerous and unnatural components in the shake. As a result, a young user obtains a decent product made at home without certain risks to the health.