How to prepare of almond milk
Almond milk is suitable for alkaline diet fatigue

Almond milk is a powerful antioxidant for healthy nerves and muscles
Almond milk is suitable for the alkaline diet fatigue. Almond milk is not available in stores, you have to prepare it at home. Of kernels you can prepare milk drink that will be rich in calcium, vitamin D, and E. Almond milk is rich in vitamins, calcium, but low in protein, contains only 60-90 calories per 200 ml. It is full of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that plays a role in preventing premature aging. Moreover vitamin contains vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, selenium.

Almonds strengthen nerves and muscles act favorably on the nervous system, the gut is an antiseptic supplies the body with many minerals (calcium, potassium, zinc, iron) accelerate digestion. Almond milk is an excellent source of fiber. No cholesterol and saturated fats that occur in cow’s milk. This milk contains lactose and casein. Ingredients for preparing healthy almond milk:

100 grams of almonds variety Lupin
1 liter of boiled water
3 tablespoons syrup or 6-7 agavin dates
How to prepare of almond milk. Soak almonds in water overnight. The water in which stood almonds dispose almonds wash. Soaked almonds easy to peel, to prepare this milk is recommended to have the variety Lupin as bitter substances in the coating itself. The soaked almonds release food enzymes are very good recovery of the alkaline medium in the body. Put the peeled almonds in a blender with syrup or agavinoviya dates (not necessarily sweeten if you want) and add boiled water, all or half depending on the size of the blender.

Do It Yourself Almond Milk
Almond milk is an excellent source of fiber

Put the almond milk in a bottle or jar to settle the larger particles of almonds and then strain. If you like, you may not strain. You can store almond milk in the refrigerator 3-4 days and use it as an alternative to cow’s milk with muesli, desserts. Almond milk is excellent and very healthy alternative to cow’s milk, as it is very rich in calcium and great for alkalizing the body. Almond milk can also be used in the alkaline diet.

Korea star dietitians Natasha and Vicky Edgsan promoted alkaline diet, but also it is very fashionable to eat properly, healthy alkaline diet helps to overcome some ailments like bad complexion, depression, fatigue. People who often suffer from flu, cold or feel constant fatigue usually have an acidic environment in your body. Recent studies show that some viruses and bacteria candida and cancer cells can not survive in an alkaline environment. To be in good health of the body he needs 80% percent alkaline foods. Foods which are suitable for the basic diet:

Almonds and walnuts, almond, rice and coconut milk, lemon and grapefruit, dates, figs and apricots (dried), tomatoes, apples, pears, mango, papaya and avocado, fennel, asparagus, celery and cauliflower, onion, garlic, ginger and beetroot, algae, spinach, lettuce, basil and coriander, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds, millet, buckwheat, oats and brown rice.