Acai berries fruits
Acai berries miracle of Amazon fruits have soothing properties, help regulate stress levels, improve potency and prevent menopause

Acai berries miracle of Amazon called “the fruit of beauty” are small fruits with violet originating in the tropical forests of South America. They are rich in fiber, protein and vitamins with high antioxidant power. What are the qualities of Acai Berry and what benefits it brings to our health? Considered the most nutritious fruits of the Amazon.

Acai fruits are born of a palm tree that grows in this part of the globe, mainly in the northern forests of Brazil. The scientific name of the plant is Euterpe oleracea and belongs to the family of palm plants. The plant can reach 20-30 meters in height and has pinnate leaves that are long over 2 meters. The leaves hang small fruits. The recognition of “the most nutritious fruits all over Amazonia” was launched only recently, after conducting botanical research leading to the establishment of the properties and nutritional value of the fruit.

Initially, the fruits have been used only to treat digestive problems or skin diseases, but then the properties of the fruit, discovered by scientists who study and explore the Amazon rainforest in depth, have proved that the fruits have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer effect. The fruits are eaten for centuries by various Amazonian tribes, as well as Brazilian residents living around marshy areas.

The fruits have a shape that is very similar to that of blueberries and flavors that come close to chocolate. Today the demand for acai berry has increased significantly. It has been found that the properties of this product are active for 24 hours after collection. So Acai berries must be loaded into baskets and shipped immediately after collection. In the collection points this operation is carried out at night so as to be morning market.

Acai berries
Acai berries miracle of Amazon called fruit of beauty

Antioxidants: Due to the presence of anthocyanins, grain Acai fights free radicals and prevents premature aging. Anti-inflammatory: The large amount of sterols in these berries provide an effective anti-inflammatory. Moreover, Acai the fruits support the immune system and prevent allergic reactions. In addition to protecting the body from free radical attack, these fruits have anti-cancer properties.

The polyphenols in fruit Acai help reduce and spread of cancer cells – up to 86%. In practice, substances in fruits remove tumor cells before they spread further. Some studies show that it can prevent and characteristic symptoms of menopause. And improved potency – a profound effect on the blood vessels that lead to greater blood circulation to the genitalia, especially in men.