Useful properties of peppers

Useful properties of pepper

Useful properties of peppers to enhance the immune system in humans

Useful properties of peppers to enhance the immune system in humans and for making delicious food. Sweet green pepper must be present on every table. It contains a large amount of vitamins A, C, B, P, E, K, folic acid, organic acids and mineral salts, easily digested carbohydrate, starch, cellulose and pectic substances.

Green pepper taste is sweeter than red. It is recommended that affected by vitamin deficiency, anemia, fatigue, memory impairment, diabetes mellitus.

The combination of ascorbic acid and vitamin P, a constituent of sweet pepper, make it useful for strengthening the walls of blood vessels and prevents blood clots. The high mineral content of calcium, potassium and phosphorus in the pepper helps in the treatment of joint and bone diseases, also protects against early hair loss.

Sweet pepper was suggested to improve performance of the gastrointestinal tract, because it stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. Also improves bowel and stomach in the early stages of gastritis, constipation, colitis.

Do not ignore this vegetable, if you have problems with total immunity to the lungs and bronchi. It lowers intoxication, fights inflammation. The use of pods as a source of large amounts of vitamin A, improves breathing, prevent asthma attacks and appearance of bronchitis. Useful in diseases of the blood, bleeding gums, anemia, vulnerable vessels. Peppers well influence the activity of the brain. Consuming peppers is better prevention of the possible development of Parkinson’s disease.

Pepper useful contain

Useful properties peppers to stay healthy during the winter months preparing a delicious salad of pepper

This according to a new study published in the journal “Annals of Neurology”, the favorable impact of peppers on the brain. Parkinson’s disease is associated with disturbance. It occurs in unevenness between the two molecules in the brain – dopamine and acetylcholine.

They transmit messages between nerve cells that control muscle function. Scientists from the University of Washington conducted a study with 490 patients with Parkinson persons and 644 healthy people.

In the study are taken into account their eating habits. The results show that the vegetables most effective for favorably influencing Parkinson turns pod, and its consumption at least four times a week reduces the risk of developing this disease.

Peppers well affect Parkinson. The researchers argue that the benefits of peppers may be due to a substance in vegetables, which are taught to avoid nicotine. In people surveyed who ate peppers twice a week, there is 30% less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease than people who eat peppers less than once a week.

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