Useful properties of barley

salad barley sprouts

Useful properties of barley, another food for health

Useful properties of barley, another food for health. It is one of the alkaline foods so it useful as an option for those who train and also for those who don’t. Barley is very nutritious as it sprouts. It contains a lot of enzymes.

They are essential for every biochemical process in the body and they are important for the assimilation of proteins, fats and carbs which enter our bodies with food.

Barley contains a lot of vitamins and minerals as well – vit. A, E, B1, B6, calcium, etc. and also 20 aminoacids. Why go for separate products when the barley contains them all and we can get them with one solution?

A very good option is also the instant support for the body in the form of natural CoQ10 in the form of instant food, i.e. powder. Instant foods are called like this because they are assimilated almost at the moment and the nutrients can enter the bloodstream almost immediately.

barley sprouts

Useful properties of barley indispensable assistant in melting fat with high content of vitamins and minerals

CoQ10 is very useful in the form powder that can be placed under the tongue. This form is very appropriate during sport, competitions and tourism. Besides everything else, its pH is balanced and it acts as an antioxidant.

There are assumptions that it also helps fat loss and increases the sustainability during training. Its best form for intake is powder which is placed under the tongue for quick assimilation and impact.

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