Therapy with snail slime

What is the therapy with snail slime to have no problems with wrinkles, stubborn scars, spots, pigmentation of the skin and poorly healing wounds !?

Therapy with snail slime

therapy with snail slime to have no problems with wrinkles, stubborn scars, spots, pigmentation of the skin

Do you have that the solution to these problems lies in the garden and meadows? Mucus from snails etc. mucin can save you from these ailments that crushed your confidence. Magical healing powers of slime from snails.

People know the magic healing properties of snails since ancient times. In Egypt and Babylon snail is a symbol of eternity. Who and how healthy discovers force of mucus from snails.

Owner of the snail farm in Chile noticed that the hands of the workers, whose work is directly related to snails and touch them, very smooth, healthy and beautiful, no scratches and scars.

Their wounds heal very quickly, and then they are deleted immediately. Their skin was moisturized and refreshed, unlike other workers, who have rough hands of operation and under the influence of the sun.

This happens in 1980, after 15 years of studies and research produced the first cream with extract of snail. Active ingredients in snail mucus. The skin of snails is very close to the structure of the human. The snail produces a kind of mucus, which helps to move easily.

Healing mucus, which is used in cosmetics, snails separated from special glands, when the shell is broken or their stress. This is another kind of mucus, it is thicker, denser, stimulates cell reproduction, restores damaged shell and injuries on them.

Effective therapy with snail slime

Effective therapy with snail slime against poorly healing wounds and other skin problems of the face and body

Snail Mucus consists of water. is a protein that has unique and magical properties. It is a natural balm, rich in vitamins C, A, E, protein, collagen, acid, acid, mineral salts, antibiotics, copper, zinc, iron and other essential nutrients for healthy and beautiful skin without wrinkles and spots.

To the therapeutic properties of the extract of snails must add that it is not irritating, suitable for people with sensitive skin, making it narazhda to effective and safe cosmetics. For the production of mucus or snail etc. process used humanely.

The production of mucus from snails are stimulated by vibrations which do not harm the snails. In Bulgaria there are several companies that produce mucus from snails and cosmetics to her.

Some of the firms operating in foreign markets, where cosmetics are sold at prices from € 100 upwards. We happiness that two, three from their companies produce and sell cosmetics on our market at affordable prices from 25 to 100 lev cream, depending on the brand, manufacturer, and the percentage of mucus, which invest in the product.

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