Prevention of anemia by eating healthy

Prevention of anemia by eating healthy and monotonous foods and alcohol lead to anemia. Much coffee and alcohol lead to iron deficiency. Iron in the blood plays an important role in the metabolism of the organism: participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs to all cells in the body. Iron is involved in the synthesis of<8px" class="wp-caption alignleft">Prevention of anemia, which foods are useful

Monotonous foods and large doses of coffee and alcohol lead to anemia

myoglobin, which has a reserve of oxygen in the muscles and in many important enzymes helps growth and strengthens the resistance to infection.

Prevention of anemia, which foods are useful

In the body, iron is about 3 grams (women have about 2.8 grams, 3.8 grams and men). The majority of the iron constitutes the so-called functional iron which has an influence on the metabolism and the remaining quantities are reserves, which are used for the transport of the iron, but also as a backup. The balance of iron in the body affect the way of its implementation, the reserves, the loss and the need for this important element.

Prevention of anemia and iron balance in the blood

Daily requirements of iron depend on the age, sex and individual condition of the organism. The recommended daily dosage for men is 10 mg and for women twice, from 18 to 22 mg. Symptoms of lack of iron (anemia): fatigue, irritability, pallor, palpitations. Iron deficiency in the body causes hypochromic anemia according to the World Health Organization has spread global disease caused by poor diet. It is estimated that every fifth person in the world suffering from this type of anemia. The first symptoms of iron deficiency appear long before anemia – fatigue, feelings of weakness, paleness, headache, irritability, palpitations, fatigue, lack of concentration, decreased immunity and susceptibility to infections.

Prevention of anemia and iron balance in the blood

Body iron is imported only through food

Prevention of anemia by dietary supplements

Body iron is imported only through food. Iron absorption than individual qualities of food affect gender, age, physiological state, and the reserves of iron in the body. Due to the larger needs, women have a higher percentage of iron from the diet, as opposed to men, and children in relation to adults and pregnant women for women in middle age.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the blood count to identify the individual state. Proper nutrition prevents anemia. This is especially important for people who lose blood in some way, for example, women with painful and heavy menstruation, patients who torment them hemorrhoids or gastric ulcer. Diet with iron deficiency (anemia). In the diet should prevail mushrooms, dried fruits, egg yolk, fish – especially tuna, shellfish, beans, radish, meat. Anemic people should eat lots of red meat, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables.

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