Loud noise health effects

What is loud noise health effects?

What is loud noise health effects

How to reduce loud noise health effects around us?

When it comes to healthy eating with fresh, organic foods, physical activity and mental relaxation are essential. However, according to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the silence is just as essential for good health. Research results show that noise levels caused by strong background noise, noisy vehicles, congested cities, or even a snoring partner in the bedroom is associated with increased blood pressure.

This, in turn, leads to a fatal heart attack. Studies show that 1.8% of heart attacks in Western Europe as a whole and about 2.9% of heart attacks in Germany can be related to high levels of noise. The findings show that the Germans received 133,115 heart attacks, and for 3860 they are believed to be due to strong noise. Over 2000 of these 3860 people have died.

How to reduce loud noise health effects around us?

Scientists have noted a curious thing – that is not necessarily one to be awake to experience unhealthy effects of noise. According to a study published in the European Heart Journal, air traffic or noise from transport vehicles can raise your blood pressure even if the person is sleeping. The study included 150 volunteers who live near major European airports.

how loud noise affects children

Our health is associated with loud noise

Moreover – Scientists have shown that the noise from air traffic can even lead to long-term memory loss and reducing ability of reading comprehension in young children.According to the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), the sound of an airplane on takeoff surpasses danger even noise rock concerts and chainsaws. Health damage due to high levels of noise, there is a very simple reason. High noise pulls body from its normal rate and increases heart rate.

Our health is associated with loud noise

One way to find out if you are in an unhealthy environment with high noise levels is to monitor the level of anxiety. When someone feels nervous near the mower near the TV at high volume, or when living area with high traffic, these are telltale signs that his heart rate rises. Scientists recommend some simple method to reduce the health risk of high noise – the use of soundproof headphones, earplugs, special lanes ear known as ear, or just try to work and live in rural areas far from big cities.

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