How to erase stretch marks

How to erase stretch marks

Homemade recipe for removal of stretch marks, how to erase stretch marks quickly and easily with oatmeal, coconut oil and vitamin E capsules

How to erase stretch marks, home recipe against this skin problem. Stretch marks are stubborn skin problem and require time and perseverance to be removed and adjusted or at least reduce their depth. I’ll share a simple home recipe, thanks to which will improve skin condition and you can even erase stretch marks.

It is necessary to supply a package of oatmeal. You can choose a package with the nuts, but you will have to brave then. I think the easiest and most practical option is to choose and buy ready-made wholesale Milled oatmeal (I do so). Get your vitamin E capsules.

I’ll write you a prescription, such amounts may vary depending on the size of the areas to treat. Heat 150-200 ml of water in the microwave. Water should be money. Add approximately equal to 9 tablespoons of oatmeal. Mix well. Add 5 ampoules with vitamin E. The vitamins are often capsule, so use a needle to puncture them and pour the liquid into the bowl.

Stir again and leave the mixture to cool to room temperature. You should get a homogeneous mixture. Ready for action for the cancellation of stretch marks. Take the mixture and apply in areas with stretch marks. We need to stand for 15 minutes, so you can wrap the areas with stretch film.

erase stretch marks

How to erase stretch marks, home recipe against this skin problem

After 15 minutes and massage gently make light peeling with the mess that is the areas with stretch marks. Wet your hands prior to you is easier or add a little coconut oil. Wash oats from the body and dry with a clean cloth. The final step is the application of cream, erasing stretch marks or nourishing oil against stretch marks.

You can use oil against stretch marks evening and cream for stretch marks morning. Do these procedures every dandy moment you do not see visible results takes about two weeks. Then continue the procedures 2-3 times a week. When you get satisfactory results can continue with preventive treatments against stretch 1-2 times a month.

Our advice is to be persistent and constant. It is important to exfoliate regularly places with stretch marks, even every night if it is not very sensitive skin. My favorite is exfoliant Body scrub with mango sea salt, which is struggling with cellulite.
Good luck ladies !!!

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