How to always be healthy and fit

always be healthy and fit

How to always be healthy and fit, valuable advice to our health, how to choose foods and supplements

Life today is dynamic and fast, we rarely manage to follow special nutritional and sport regimes by the hour. And yet, if we want to be in shape there is a way to do it. We can go around the programs of the nutritionists and find a solution. Here are a few simple and easy to follow tips that can help us be in the shape we want with hardy any effort.

Food is so important!

It is important not only how much calories we take but also what is their quality. Have you ever thought about that? It matters a lot of what type of food they come. That is why I always try to take clean food. What does that mean? Organic production of fruits, vegetables and nuts, if possible homemade, no chemicals involved in production, and for animal products – to originate from animals that grew up without the interference of GMO corn and chemicals. I am not a vegetarian, but I generally avoid meat because the majority of animals are fed with a lot of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and hormones to grow faster. After all, the food industry is an enormous business.

Everybody knows that food from the supermarket is with a very low quality so we need to search for ways to feed our bodies!
The soils are deprived of nutritional substances, the air is dirty, the water from the tab goes through pipes which contain no one knows how much rust and garbage. So what are we left with? To look for ways to give our bodies nutrition from pure sources, i.e. that come from places in nature where human activity has not yet brought about the pollution which our civilization leaves behind.

Superfoods come to help!

A good source of nutritional substances worldwide are raw dried superfoods – algae, colostrum and omega. What is a superfood? This is food which contains a large amount of nutritional substances. The good superfoods are raw dried at low temperature so that the substances in them have been kept, i.e. wild and alive! They come in capsules, not in pills. Pills have connecting substances in them that harmful, besides, they are processed at a high temperature so in the end there is hardly anything useful in them for us.

superfoods help

How to choose foods and supplements, super foods and their future

There is a liquid colostrum available as a product but every product that comes in a liquid form needs preservatives which will slow down the growth of harmful bacteria, so it is good to consider that. When we give our bodies the useful substances they need, they begin to function in a completely different way but only those who have done it will understand it.

Besides, the useful substances from superfoods like vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes, micro and macro elements, aminoacids are with a high level of assimilation because they go into our bodies in the way that nature gave them to us. Lab processed food supplements are often times with a different effect because our bodies do not recognize them as something that exists in the nature we came from.

And so, let’s sum up: we will be healthy and in good physical shape if we give our bodies the useful substances we need from natural sources so that our bodies can recognize them and assimilate them. And this is where my task comes in: it is my job to assist people with this and with what criteria to follow among the large variety food and food supplements.  For more free information you can follow me in GOOGLE +  and my group in FACEBOOK – NATURALLY HEALTHY.







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