Eating after exercise

homemade muesli

Eating after exercise and very important to restore the body after a great physical exercise.

Eating after exercise and very important to restore the body after a great physical exercise. It is well known that meat is high in protein. Classic in nutrition after exercise is chicken steak, which theoretically contains about 60 g protein. Less is known that only 20% of these proteins are digested by the body – ie one chicken steak absorbed about 12 grams efficiently.

In 100 grams of hemp seed has about 30-35% protein, they are absorbed 100% by the body. Three tablespoons of hemp seed contains 10 grams of protein. The taste is quite pleasant and neutral, I have not gotten a dish that does not fit.

You can drink a milkshake (shelled hemp seeds Strain water) in muesli, be added to the already prepared dishes, peeled hemp seeds can simply be sprinkled on any dish. I do not look at hemp seed as opposed to meat. In my opinion, the two can be combined successfully to enhance the results.

In 100 g quinoa contains about 15 g. Protein. There is a pleasant neutral flavor. Prepare pretty quickly – boiled for a few minutes – when the seed dissolve – so it’s ready. It is the plants where it is nice to change a water once a boil and then left at a slow fire, in order not to deplete nutrients (the other quinoa does not need high temperatures to cracked – if just soaked in hot water for half – an hour will get the same effect as to boil on high heat, but the nutrients are preserved to 50% more).

It can be combined with vegetables or to prepare the principle of rice or as a side dish to meat products very well make sense as an ingredient to any salad. When purchased in bulk, the price is about 5 lev per kilogram. Core granola. First you need to prepare core milk: In the high court, a handful of raw nuts are flooded with water (my favorite combination is almonds, walnuts and sesame), so that they are covered with 2-3 fingers water. (On nice if pre-soaked in water for about an hour so weak, neutralized harmful substances from the shell into the water and rinsed). Blend to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Into the ready mix add:
fine oatmeal
4-5 pc black raisins

Eating after exercise

different combinations of food for the recovery of the body and obtaining the necessary ingredients

4-5 pc goji berries
2-3 pc dates (Cut into pieces. Many more are good if they are bleached. A white is surprisingly easy)
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed
1 tablespoon whose
Pieces of fruit – apple, banana or other optional
Several pieces of dark chocolate
1 tablespoon coconut
I’m not a vegetarian, but taste and nutrients usual muesli with cow’s milk can not be equal to this core temptation. Besides being super tasty, quite Energizing and at the same time it is quite gentle on the stomach, compared with granola from cow’s milk.

Flaxseed and whose finally add them just before serving, if you add previously attach jellied kind of muesli. Coconut oil helps in better absorption of nutrients from flaxseed. The ingredients undergo variations – plus, minus – is largely a matter of imagination and experimentation.

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