Blueberry cheese cupcakes

Blueberry cheese cupcakes

Blueberry cheese cupcakes Very easy, very fresh and tasty

Blueberry cheese cupcakes Very easy, very fresh and tasty. If it turns off and the gelling time – and very easy and quick dessert. And perfect for summer as it is without baking. To get back to the challenge and almost out of chocolate desserts, here’s some cheese cupcakes instead of whole cheese cake, but many held to be individual forms – not very appropriate, I think.
Ingredients: (for 6 pcs. Cupcakes with d ~ 11 cm)
1 Pack soft cookies with cocoa (180 g)
2 full tablespoons cocoa (chocolate had to quench my hunger at home anyway)
125 g. Oil
For the cream:
150 g. Fresh, soft, unsalted cheese *
125 g. Cream cheese
300 g. Strained yogurt
4 tablespoons powdered sugar**
1/2 again gelatin (5 g).
250 g. Blueberries (my mix – black and red)
150 ml. water
3-4 tablespoons sugar**
20-30 ml. rum or rum extract
1 again. gelatin (10 g).
* All of cream is placed in a deep bowl and blend (1 min.) Until a smooth mixture. If sugar is less – add to taste.
* Gelatin is poured in ~ 20 ml. water swelled and heated in a water bath (or in the microwave, but because it is less – should be careful not to overheat)
* Allow to cool for 3-4 min. And added to cream; stir nice.
* Biscuits to grind in a blender of fine crumbs.
* Add cocoa and sliced ​​butter and grind until you get a ball with a sticky mass of biscuits and butter.
* Forms for cupcakes is with paved the relevant papers for them or pieces of baking paper large enough to have pages and forms.
* Biscuit mix is ​​distributed in 6 shapes and fingers pressed very well on their bottom. It should get on thick about 5-6-7 mm.
* Cream is distributed on biscuit pads equilibrated. Must remain empty 5-6 mm. the edge of the tray for cranberry jelly.
* Harvested for 60-90 min. In the refrigerator to set the cream.

unique recipe for cake

Blueberry cheese cupcakes, unique recipe for cake, delicious homemade sweet with absolutely natural products

After that:
* Blueberries are placed in a casserole (or deep dish) on the stove with water and sugar inside.
* Boil, stove decreased to a lesser degree, add rum / essence and sauce boil 7-8 minutes.
* Cool.
* Gelatin was poured into ~ 30-40 ml. water and proceed as above until complete swelling, then is added in blueberry sauce and retrieved in a refrigerator. In 10 min. And stir an eye :)) when you start to turn into jelly – the sauce thickens, is spread over the cream in trays.
* Again, leave for 60-90 min. In the refrigerator to harden jelly, then they can be eaten. ***
* Just this cheese was soft, which launched in the Spanish Liddell week and is not cheese had to try. However, it proved to be quite the same as freshly coagulated cheese – immediately after pressing and salting before him – soft, very low-salt caseous mass, which is recommended to eat because of its high calcium content, but that only cheese at home I eat. So I need to transform two of kutiychetata in cheese-cake. But as recently many current house rules cheese, even young hosts, it is not difficult to make such an 3-4 l. Real milk, or to find unsalted fresh soft cheese.
** Sugar is to taste. I think that sugar is enough, but I tried. And as always sugar sweets for me is a variable
*** To eat, however, have to be removed from the trays because they are paper underneath. The paper should remain above the candies themselves to be able to hold hands at both ends and be removed from the metal form. Then place in bowl, carefully peel off paper party and winding and stabbing beneath the base of cupcakes escapes from under them to release them and remain as above. It sounded very complicated and I do not know how to explain it briefly, but it is easy. I inexplicably decided to make these cupcakes whose bottom is sloping and have this manipulation. But I wanted to be individual; to pull out. Next time – the easiest way – cheesecake in great shape and cut with a knife into pieces. A cream was small cup; Almost everything I put on cupcakes.

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