Allergies in spring symptoms

Allergies in spring symptoms

Allergies in spring symptoms and use of traditional medicines or alternative methods to relieve symptoms and make you feel better

Here are some ways to deal with allergies in spring symptoms. Together with warm days and plans for travel and adventure for some people start and torture. Depending on the strength allergies can cause only mild discomfort or completely prevent your normal routine. How do I know that I have an allergy?

Have not you happened to feel so strange in the spring. Your eyes swim and burn, your nose is blocked or contrary – run continuously, it hurts your head and sneeze too often. These are worrying signs that spring allergies are navestili you. You can, of course, resort to traditional medicines. But we suggest you familiarize yourself with alternative methods to relieve symptoms and make you feel better. American scientists and doctors recommend taking probiotics as an effective measure to combat allergens such as pollen.

According to some experts, it is an excellent method of combating allergies. Relieves runny nose and soothes burning your eyes. According to others – there is not enough scientific evidence that acupressure helps namely in allergies. If you have decided to try yet, visit a professional studio for alternative medicine, acupressure (acupuncture) and massage and leave in the hands of someone who knows his job. You buy your neti pot full it with a solution of sea salt and warm water and do their washing. All clear mucus, dust and allergens.

The effect is faster and more than excellent. You feel clear-headed and you gently and calmly. The only drawback of this method is that at the latest the next day will again have to do washing. It removes allergens only temporary. How is that possible? Take a good air purifier for your home or office and use it regularly. When traveling, keep car windows closed and ventilation run.

Spring Allergies

Here are some ways to deal with allergies in spring symptoms

You have to do something in the garden? Be sure to wear a mask. In the beginning these rules may seem to you a little raw, but you get used to them quickly.

Especially since you find that the usual allergy symptoms this year you passed or are quite weak. Chamomile tea – tea myself use it to clean your face. Packets place for ten minutes in the refrigerator and then place them on your eyes. You will feel the sting disappears and you feel much, much better. Nettle – you can take a dietary supplement capsules nettle or just make tea from it and drink it every day.

It reduces allergy symptoms such as sneezing and itchy eyes. Thyme – it is a great tool to cough and soothe a sore throat and is recommended for allergies caused by pollen. You can add honey in the tea thyme. Ginger – ginger tea unblocks the sinuses and relieves the symptoms of seasonal allergies such as throat irritation, dry cough, stuffy nose. This is the method which can help you get rid of your allergies forever.

Your immune system is exposed to small amounts of the allergen during certain periods of time while developing tolerance to it and stop it as a foreign body. We recommend that you visit a doctor before using any serious methods of healing. Of course, in the meantime you drink tea nettle and impose his eyes with bags of chamomile tea to relieve symptoms and feel better.

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